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  • Lgnition Controls, Lgnition control the gas valve, the igniter and the flame sensing circuit.

  • Lgniters, The ignitor lights the buiner, which sparks the combustion process. It's what converts your heating fuel into heat.

  • Control boards are circuit boards designed to control heating units in HVAC systems. We are AHU Control Boards manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale and buy latest selling AHU Control Boards from our factory. If you are interested in our AHU Control Boards, we will provide you with quotation. Welcome to buy easy-maintainable, high-quality, advanced and cheap products. Besides, we have our own brands. If you want to know more, please contact us.

  • A terminal is a device that is used to regulate the volume of conditioned primary air from indoor HVAC equipment to the occupied space. A connector transmits currents or signals to active devices.
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  • Fuses are designed to burn out to severe the current if an electrical abnormality occurs. In HVAC systems, fuses are used in compressors, evaporator coils, motors, and wiring configurations.

  • Relays are used in HVAC control circuits to turn things on and off such as blower motor, condenser fan motor or a compressor.

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